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Companies and their boards are facing increasing pressure from shareholders and other stakeholders to follow through on their diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) commitments. Our Civil Rights and Racial Equity Audit Practice is among the nation’s first dedicated legal teams focused on conducting racial equity audits and other civil rights audits—proactive, powerful tools that help ensure that companies and investment firms are delivering on their commitments, while mitigating potential legal, reputational and business risk.

Loretta Lynch Discusses Racial Equity and Civil Rights Audits With Law360 Pulse

December 14, 2022

In a wide-ranging interview with Law360 Pulse, litigation partner Loretta Lynch discussed racial equity and civil rights audits as crucial tools for companies to measure their progress in meeting their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. In “Ex-AG Loretta Lynch Says DEI Audits Vital To Gauge Goals,” published on December 14, Loretta explained what the assessments are and what they aim to do, how they work, why companies might be interested in them, and where they are headed in the future.

“What we try to do is give a company insight into how effective their DEI programs actually are and if they have been received in the spirit they have been conceived,” Loretta says. “Are they meeting the goals that they are set out to meet? Are they in fact touching the groups they're designed to engage with and giving the results the companies want?”


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